Nine schools in rural Maine have unsafe lead levels in their drinking water. 

Between 2013 and 2015, The Maine Centers for Disease Control says more than 11 percent of the 285 Maine schools and day care facilities that are required to be tested for lead had unsafe levels,  Most schools found with high lead levels now meet federal safety standards.

Maine CDC Drinking Water Program

Nine schools, however, still have unsafe levels. At one, Coastal Christian School in Waterboro, "no drinking" signs are on the water fountains. Bottled water is given out to students. The principal there says officials are working on the problem.

According to the Maine Drinking Water Program operated by the Maine CDC, the schools are: Coastal Christian School in Waldoboro, Dedham Elementary School, First United Pentecostal Church in Augusta, Little Tykes II Child Care in Standish, MSAD 52 Alternative/Administrative School in Turner, Palmyra Community Center, RSU 12 Somerville Elementary School, RSU 13 Gilford Butler School in South Thomaston and Standish Baptist Church School.

The Maine Drinking Water Program administers the federal Safe Drinking Water Act through the National Primary Drinking Water Regulations.