Following Kelsea Ballerini's collaboration with Nick Jonas at the 2016 ACM Awards on Sunday night (April 3), viewers were left wondering what, exactly, had happened. Jonas was playing guitar during Ballerini's performance, but when he went to perform a solo -- well, it didn't go quite right.

Ballerini opened her performance with her debut single "Love Me Like You Mean It," then launched into her current single, "Peter Pan." But when she introduced Jonas to let his guitar skills take center stage, the pop star appeared to forget a few notes before he made his way to the mic to finish the performance by singing with Ballerini.

In a tweet on Tuesday morning (April 5), Jonas admitted, "Yes. I screwed up the solo thanks to a huge brain fart."

However, he didn't seem to be taking the fallout too hard; after all, even the stars are human and mess up from time to time. Just after his first tweet addressing the flub, Jonas tweeted out a piece of sheet music making fun of his solo, calling it "truly genius" and including the laughing-while-crying emoji.

Ballerini had quite the night at the 2016 ACM Awards: In addition to her performance, she also received New Female Vocalist of the Year.

“I loved the idea of having a song about a breakup that wasn’t some dramatic cheating or scandal moment,” Ballerini says of "Peter Pan." “It’s the kind of thing where one person just can’t emotionally match the other, and that’s a sad kind of ending and heartbreak."

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