A company that specializes in pop culture action figures has added a nurse. The Case-E Ebola Nurse has curly red hair and enough attitude that there's no mistaking who it's named after.

The doll is a dead-ringer for Kaci Hickox, although they added natural looking eyebrows, rather than Kaci's drawn-on ones. And the action-figure nurse has a red cross on her eye, which I don't quite understand.

My question is, who's going to buy this thing? Would you buy it for your kid and explain to them what Ebola is and why this nurse is famous? Or will it be a collectable for doctors' offices?

At any rate, it's out there, if you want one. For $29.95 you can get the doll and a piece of paper that assures you it's a 100% Ebola-free doll. Why do I think there won't be many orders coming from Maine?