Lots of folks take to the roadway in advance of the long weekend, not only here in Maine, but also in New Brunswick. Police officers will be out this long weekend making sure motorists are abiding by the rules of the roadways.


Lee Haywood, Flickr

Police officers across New Brunswick will be checking for seat belt compliance, aggressive driving, distracted driving, and impaired driving. The goal is to help make New Brunswick's roads safer, and re-enforce to all drivers that seat belts do in fact save lives, that speeding reduces reaction times for both driver and vehicle, and that it is not acceptable to take the wheel after drinking alcohol.

The number of fatal collisions where impaired driving and not wearing a seat belt were factors has been on the decline over the past few years, but still account for many fatalities. So far in 2013, of the 27 people who have died on our roadways, impaired driving was a factor in about 15%, while not wearing a seat belt was a factor in about 22%. This is down from 31% and 41% respectively in 2010.

So please, stay safe out there on the roads this holiday weekend! What are you plans for the long weekend? Tell us on Facebook!