New Brunswick is on the treacherous path to winning a worst of contest.

According to the Canadian Automobile Association, four roads within the province have already made the organization’s worst roads in Atlantic Canada list, which is voted on by disgruntled motorists across the country.

So far, some of the worst roads consist of Rothesay in Saint John, Hanwell Road in Fredericton, Route 122 in Skiff Lane and Fredericton Road in close proximately to Salisbury.

Some residents say they are not at all shocked that some of the roads made the list.

"It doesn't surprise me," said one resident about the condition of Fredericton Road. “Orange pylons mark a stretch of the road, where pieces of the shoulder are cracked and soft, or completely gone. They fixed it last year, or the year before I think, but only fixed it half way, like half the road. Why not just do the whole thing, or the whole section?"

A Representative for the Canadian Automobile Association said that the philosophy behind finding the worst roadways in Canada is to simply give citizens a sounding board and get the attention of governments.

Motorists have until May 31 to vote for the worst roads in New Brunswick. You can do so by clicking here.