The northbound lanes of I-95 between Bangor and Newport were shut down Wednesday morning after a pileup involving more than 70 vehicles.

Maine State Police

State Police spokesman Steve McCausland said the initial crash in Etna around 7:30 a.m. involved at least 25 vehicles, including a school bus and a tractor trailer.  Several separate crashes nearby involved two or three vehicles each, or vehicles going off the road to avoid a collision, McCausland said.

Police said at least 17 people were taken to Bangor hospitals, some with broken bones. At least two of the injured were in serious condition. There were 3 students on the bus, but they were reported to be alright.

The collisions began as heavy snow was falling in the area just west of Bangor, McCausland said.  One veteran State Trooper described the crash site as a "giant pile of metal".

Maine State Police

A fleet of wreckers towed about 50 vehicles from the scene.  State Police continued to compile paperwork from the numerous crashes and interview all the drivers who were involved.  They say it is likely the biggest highway accident in state history.


Contributed by Mark Cormier
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