This is an unusual story with a beautiful twist – Angel Hebert, 25, dreamed of becoming a mother one day, but she has a heart problem making her dream impossible. Until one day her mother Linda Sirois, 49, stepped in and agreed to be her surrogate - giving Angle a shot at being a mom herself.

Angel and her husband Brian were overjoyed by Linda’s offer to carry their baby, but they all knew Linda’s age was a serious factor to consider.

And so their journey began. The two were turned away from several hospitals, until one, Reproductive Science Center (RSC) of New England in Lexington, decided to take on the tough case.

Both, Linda and Angel underwent tests for many weeks, and then on December 13, Linda took a pregnancy test and discovered that she was pregnant for the first time in two decades.

“It’s been an enjoyable pregnancy”, said Linda. “Everything seemed to go smoothly and fall into place. It was likely my easiest pregnancy.’ She continued: ‘I felt good and had no complications. I also had a great deal of support and well wishes from friends and family, and the community at large.'

Nine months later on August 17, the awesome grandmother delivered her grandson, Madden Brian Hebert, who is now resting in the hands of his doting parents, Angle and Brian.

“She is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. It’s such a great and selfless gift she has given us,” Angle said.

Linda is a hero in my book – I know that as a parent we all want to help our children no matter what that might cost us, but going through a risky pregnancy and giving your child a shot at being a parent is beyond admirable.

To that Linda only had to say: ‘It was their child all along. I was just “babysitting” for a short time, until he was able to survive in the outside world under the care of his parents. I was just fortunate and blessed to be a part of this experience and be able to help bring him into the world.”