A man caught a young couple on video purposefully leaving their trash in a beautiful spot in Eddington, Maine.

You gotta love watching someone outright not care about how they are affecting everyone else.

Davis Pond (aka Eddington Pond) is a beautiful spot in Eddington, Maine and these two decided to turn it into their personal trash can. Local man and property owner Al Belanger uploaded the video of them clearly littering, on his Facebook page this earlier this week.

He was pretty angry about the whole thing, and so is everyone else on Facebook (including us here at CYY.)

If anyone knows these two losers, please let me know. I would like to see them get a summons for littering and trespassing! Take your Chinese food with you! you make me wild

I spoke with Al on the phone today and he mentioned in addition to the littering, the young couple was also trespassing. He said several people have suggested he put up a gate so no one can get access. He doesn't want to do that. He says it's the only access to the two nearby ponds and he wants families to enjoy the luxuries of fishing and kayaking. How do you get access without being a trespasser? Simply ask Mr. Belanger for a permit.

He told me on the phone, "We'll get this figured out. I'm not going to deprive people from coming on to the property just because of a few bad apples."

As for the litterers/trespassers, they live nearby in Houlden. They have also been identified and have a meeting with the sheriff's office today.

Here is a look at the garbage that was left around the lake, including some clothes that apparently weren't wanted anymore.

Al Belanger