Bruce Poliquin, successfully urged hundreds of his colleagues to vote down an amendment that would have stripped Poliquin’s critical language that supports 900 jobs in Central Maine. 

Bruce Poliquin

The language, which reinforces an existing law known as the Berry Amendment, was included in both the House and Senate Defense bills and passed both chambers with broad bipartisan support. The Sanford Amendment failed 155-265.

Congressman Poliquin, who wore his own American-made New Balance shoes onto the House Floor, released the following statement:

This is a milestone victory in the fight for 900 hardworking Mainers in Norway, Skowhegan and Norridgewock,” said Congressman Poliquin. “I thank all of my colleagues in the House for voting for American jobs and American workers, despite pressure from powerful special interest groups.  This critical language will make sure that our U.S. taxpayer dollars go to U.S. workers and families, not to manufacturers overseas.  I will continue to fight tooth and nail through every process until this critical language is signed into law.”

Matt LeBretton, Vice President of Public Affairs for New Balance said:

At New Balance we believe making things in the U.S. matters. We are overjoyed that the Congress, with Congressman Poliquin leading the way in the House, agrees. Today is a big day for manufacturing in Maine and throughout the country.  We applaud Congressman for his doggedness in making sure that American soldiers will train in gear made in America. The efforts of Bruce Poliquin, and the entire Maine delegation, cannot be overstated.  These efforts directly translate into more jobs for Maine and beyond.”