And the new music from Michael Ray just keeps on coming! The singer has shared another new song from his upcoming album release, Amos.

"One That Got Away" pays homage to the truism that sometimes relationships just don't pan out like a person hopes, especially when someone seems too good to be true. “Some relationships aren’t meant to last, however that doesn’t mean they are any less significant,” Ray shares in a press release about the meaning behind the uncharacteristic breakup song.

Instead of wallowing in the reality that he won't end up with his dream girl, Ray sings about enjoying the ride. "She's decorating my car / Soon she'll be breaking my heart / She's too wild horses to be all mine / I'll be her beast of burden on borrowed time / She's gonna rip off any kinda label / She's into leaving those strings untied / Keeping it tax free under the table / She might only be mine tonight." Press play above to hear the playful song, which focuses on the good times in a relationship, even knowing that the fun will inevitably come to an end.

“'One That Got Away' takes what would normally be a sad experience and flips it to embrace those moments. I think this song really celebrates one of the best parts of growing up -- taking that risk on a relationship and opening yourself up to something that could be really great," Ray continues.

"One That Got Away" was written by Josh Osborne, Matthew Ramsey, Josh Rosen and Jesse Frasure. Amos, Ray's second studio album, is due out June 1 on Atlantic Records / Warner Music Nashville. The album is available for pre-order here.