We couldn't be more excited to have Spirit Medium Maureen Hancock coming to town to put on her Postcards from Heaven event THIS Wednesday, July 16th! Are you wondering what to expect?

Like many, you're probably curious as to what to expect if you attend the Maureen Hancock event at the Caribou Performing Arts Center.


Here's what I know. You can expect to laugh, cry, be a big ball of emotions, and to leave feeling relieved. And I speak from experience. I had the opportunity to have a reading. Watch to video to see for yourself.

You might be wondering, " How can I communicate with my loved ones in heaven?" Here's Maureen's answer.

"You already do when you think of them. Your thoughts go directly to them and they hear you clearly. All you need is to be patient, willing, and not fearful. Forcing it won’t help. There is no on demand button in heaven. I often sit with parents who have lost children and many of them say it’s hard to get signs. I help to point out the very subtle ones such as waking up between 3-4 a.m. when the veil is thinnest between this side and the other side. And things such as driving in the car and not really listening to the words of a song when suddenly the words hit you and mean something special. There are many ways our loved ones send us messages and communicate. We just need to learn how to differentiate between our own thoughts and theirs. How many of you have been driving and heard a voice in your head telling you to turn around? Much to your surprise, a truck or another vehicle is about to slam into your car and you experience a near miss. Now, if you hadn’t turned around you might be visiting your local auto body shop or local hospital. Our loved ones guide us and the bond of love is not cut because the physical shell is gone. Our spirits are eternal and live way beyond the life of the used car we call our bodies."

Have a listen to Maureen as she explains just what to expect.

Maureen Hancock will be at the Caribou Performing Arts Center Wednesday evening for a one-night-only performance. Candid, intuitive and frequently hilarious, she will tackle the overwhelming subject of death as only she can. Join us for “Postcards From Heaven” and you may get a reading from her that will connect you with your loved ones on the other side. You don’t want to miss this unforgettable show!
Tickets are still available. $30 for General Admission, $55 for VIP tickets that included Premium seating and a Meet & Greet with Maureen after the show!
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Sponsored in Part by the Greenhouse Restaurant and the Caribou Inn & Convention Center.