A Grenada man wanted in connection with the apparent abduction of a 36-year-old woman from New Brunswick surrendered to police early Friday.

Grenada Police

Police in Grenada say Akim Frank walked into the South St. George's Police Station sometime after midnight. The 26-year-old man gave himself up to police hours after he was named a person of interest in the investigation.

It is not clear what role Akim Frank may have played in the disappearance of Linnea Veinotte. Grenada police believe he drove the vehicle involved in her disappearance last weekend.

Linnea was out running with the family dog Sunday morning when the dog was struck by a vehicle. Linnea, who works at St. George's University, has not been seen since and it is assumed she was abducted.

Matt and Linnea Veinotte and their two young children moved to the Caribbean island a few months ago. Linnea is from New Denmark, New Brunswick and her parents live in Fredericton.