We begin our tale of the 'Bread Truck Bandit' in New York City where authorities say a man stole a bakery truck and did the next logical thing...delivered the loaves of bread to random businesses.

Greg Miller

According to the AP, Police say David Bastar got behind the wheel of a Grimaldi's Home of Bread truck on Manhattan's Upper East Side early Monday while the real driver was making a delivery at a pizza joint.

By-the-way to make the story more interesting, Bastar was only wearing his underwear. He then allegedly began dropping off baguettes, whole-wheat rolls and sourdough bread and I'd like to think a healthy amount of rye for those reuben fans like me out there.

Reportedly Bastar distributed the entire $8,000 worth of baked goods — but not to the bakery's customers. Imagine a guy only in his undies making bread deliveries...only in New York.

Joe Grimaldi, owner of Grimaldi's Home of Bread, told the Journal News that businesses found bread in front of their doors.

Bastar was caught and taken to a hospital for evaluation. He faces charges of criminal possession of stolen goods.