A 76-year-old man died Thursday in a tractor accident on his farm in Saint-Basile, New Brunswick.


Firefighters, paramedics and the Edmundston Police Force were called to private property on Route 144 just after 12 noon, according to a report by CIMT.ca.

Responders had to travel nearly a mile down a dirt road which passes under the Trans Canada Highway to reach the fields where the victim was found.

Deputy Police Chief Percy Picard said the tractor had overturned and the 76-year-old man got stuck underneath and died in the accident.  At this time, it’s not known what tipped the tractor or how long the man remained trapped.

The man–whose identity was not realeased–was pronounced dead at the scene. An autopsy is expected to be performed in the coming days to learn more about the cause of the accident.

According to neighbors, the victim was a man who used to enter the fields at the same times each day. They describe him as a working farmer, a “bon vivant” who was appreciated by many.