A 25-year-old Maine man will serve jail time after police say he used an air mattress on Wednesday to cross the St. Croix River and illegally enter New Brunswick.

NOAA Photo Library

John Bennett told police he had tried to cross the border at Calais, Maine earlier in the day, but customs officers denied him entry because he was facing mischief charges in the U.S., according to Canadian Press.

In Saint John provincial court on Thursday, it was revealed that Bennett bought the air mattress at the Walmart in Calais, inflated it and used a wooden board to paddle across the river to an area near St. Stephen, New Brunswick.

A local resident spotted the man and reported him to police. Officials said Bennett was wet and carrying his boots and walking towards the town when RCMP arrested him late Wednesday.

He told police he was trying to reach his pregnant girlfriend in New Brunswick because an ex-boyfriend was threatening her, and he was worried for her safety. Prosecutors say that story has not been confirmed.

Bennett pleaded guilty to the charges of illegally entering Canada and was sentenced to two months in jail.

He is expected to be deported to the U.S. after serving his sentence.