Some people jump to action to raise awareness, and Frank Sapach certainly did just that! He and his dog, Shiela, are walking/biking across Canada to raise awareness for homeless and abused pets.

Sheila's Trip

They were in Rivieres des Loups, QC as of Monday, October 13th, and will arrive in New Brunswick soon.

Sheila's Trip

Frank and Shiela originally left British Columbia in June 2013, walked to Calgary but turned around because of the approaching winter. They returned to Calgary in the spring of 2014 and started walking again with a goal of arriving in Halifax, NS before the winter. Since restarting their journey in May 2014, Frank and Shiela have walked/biked over 4,500 km! You can’t miss them as they trek along back and country roads with their bright red and yellow trailer (which contains all of their belongings) hitched to a bicycle.

Frank and Shelia are in need of computer/technical assistance for his laptop (he’s new to using a computer) and a bike tune-up and parts. Note, this trip isn't sponsored by any company and Frank relies on his incredible resourcefulness and the kindness of strangers to get by.

He’ll also need help support as he finishes his journey to Halifax and upon arrival there, will need assistance in either getting back to the West Coast (some mode of transport that allows dogs) or a job and a place to stay as he’s seriously considering spending the winter there and continuing to Newfoundland in the spring of 2015. As a nomad, he hasn't planned his route so it’s hard to know where he’ll be on any given day, but you can't miss his bright red and yellow trailer!

You can learn more by checking out his website or facebook page.

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