A K9 team was called in to assist the Houlton Police Department last Saturday in an effort to track down a male subject fled on foot after being told he had warrants for his arrest.

Maine State Police

Officer Bickford with the Houlton Police Department chased the man a short distance across a field and then the man jumped into a river crossing to the other side. The man made it across the river and Officer Bickford lost sight of him.

Sgt. Chad Fuller of Maine State Police arrived at the scene on Rt 2A and took his K-9, Gleni in the area where the man was last seen. The dog immediately started to track southwest under the bridge and came out the McIntyre Rd in Houlton.

They continued to track down the McIntyre Rd and past a Border Patrol Agent who was walking on the edge of the road looking in the woods for the male subject.
They tracked southeast for about half a mile and could see a person walking towards them. As they got closer Sgt. Fuller could see it was a woman out for a walk. K-9 Gleni started to pull harder and tracked past the woman paying her no attention. K-9 Gleni continued a short distance past the woman and took a right turn into the woods in westward direction. They tracked through a swamp and came back out towards the road. As they came to a clearing and Sgt. Fuller observed a man on the ground hiding his head like a child playing hide and seek.

The suspect complied with orders and was taken into custody. The suspect was turned over to Houlton PD. The temperature was about 18 degrees with the wind blowing about 15 to 20mph. The track was 1.5 miles long.