Maine State Police responded to a dramatic call Saturday at Fox Pond in a remote area of Hancock County, that could have been much worse had a couple not decided to go fishing that day.

Maine State Police

Police say a woman was driving along route 182 in Township 10 with her two young children in the car when she lost control on a sharp curve. The vehicle careened over the bank – over the head of Leonard Wallace who was fishing his wife Rosemary – and plunged into the pond, where it quickly sank.

Mr. Wallace dropped his fishing pole and rushed to help the woman and children trapped in the vehicle, braving the 48-degree water, state police say. Seeing a small child floating in the back, Wallace forced the back door open, despite the immense water pressure, and pulled the child out.

After bringing the young child to his wife on shore, he then returned to help the driver who was freeing her second child from the car seat. Once the woman passed him the child, Mr. Wallace reached in and grabbed the driver by the shirt and pulled her and the child to the bank of the pond.

Troopers noted that Fox Pond is in a remote area where cell phones don’t receive reception. Mrs. Wallace had called 911, but reportedly wasn't able to make vocal contact with an operator. Emergency responders traced the location of the call.

State police say the car landed in a manner that would not have been visible to passing motorists. Had the couple not been fishing in that spot that day, the story could have turned tragic.

State Police on Monday identified the driver of the car as 38-year-old Mandi Parker of Jonesboro who was travelling with her 2-month-old boy and 3-year-old girl. Troopers said Parker was returning from Bangor’s methadone clinic, had a suspended driver’s license and had been drinking alcohol. She was charged with operating after suspension of her license. Additional charges could be filed after troopers complete their investigation, police said.

After the three were treated and released from the hospital, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services took custody of the two children.


Maine State Police

Leonard and Rosemary Wallace are from Steuben, Maine in Washington County.