Here’s a look at the activity log of the past week posted by Troop F of the Maine State Police in Houlton.

Maine State Police

May 30 – Troopers Bell and Endre and Sgt. Fuller assisted Aroostook County Deputies in locating a suspect in a domestic violence assault which occurred in New Limerick. A canine track was starting to commence when Troopers heard movement in the nearby woods. The suspect was identified, taken into custody, and turned over to the Deputies.

May 31 – Tr. Curtin was called to St. Agatha for a report of criminal mischief of farming equipment. The owner noticed his GPS equipment was damaged on his tractor. The case remains under investigation.

May 31 – At approximately 4:34 PM the State Police were called to a plane crash which was believed to be in East Grand Lake off the Little River Cove Rd. Trooper Nick Casavant responded along with Sgt. Haines several Maine Game Wardens. The plane crash was soon located in Brackett Lake off Moody Lane. The subsequent investigation determined that 64-year-old Terry Beals and 58-year-old Greg Lizotte both of Houlton flew to Princeton to pick up a second plane and return it to Houlton. Greg Lizotte was flying the 1965 Cessna 172 plane alone when he began to lose power and was forced to make an emergency landing into Brackett Lake. Greg escaped the plane with only minor injuries and swam to shore. The plane is owned by Carol Warren of New Hampshire. The Federal Aviation Administration as well as the National Traffic Safety Board and Maine Department of Environmental Protection are all working jointly to investigate the crash and remove the submerged plane as soon as practical. PHOTO

June 1 – Tr. Stoutamyer responded to a minor PI accident involving a 71-year-old Terrance Gregg of Presque Isle was traveling east on Rt. 163/Haystack Rd. in the town of Castle Hill while operating a 2004 Mitsubishi, flat bed farm truck that was hauling a flatbed trailer loaded with telephone poles. The vehicle crested a hill and started to travel on a fairly steep downhill grade just east of Haystack Mountain.  As the vehicle traveled down the hill the trailer started to fishtail, and the operator "lost control" of the vehicle. The vehicle and the trailer skidded sideways off the north side of the roadway where the truck and the trailer flipped over and came to rest in the ditch. As a result the load of telephone poles was spilled into the ditch area. PHOTOS

June 1 – Tr. Saucier responded to Sewell St in Island Falls for a report of theft of a PS 3 and games. After interviewing the parties involved it was determined they had been trading property back and forth and the agreement was no longer voluntary. The case will be submitted for review, but appears more civil in nature.

June 1 – Sgt. Fuller, Tpr. Bell and Tpr. Endre responded to Island Falls for a complaint from a man that wants his grandson removed from his house because the grandson continues to threaten him. After investigation, the Troopers arrested and charged the male with Domestic Violence Terrorizing, felony level due to a recent prior DV charge.

June 2 – Tr. Sylvia responded to School St in Mars Hill for an intoxicated male wanting a female removed from his residence. Both parties were found to be extremely intoxicated and arguing, but not crime was committed. The female was removed by her father.

June 3 – Tr. Curtin was working traffic enforcement on Route 11 in Wallagrass where he stopped a 36-year-old Wallagrass man and charged him for operating with an expired license.

June 3 – Tr. Sylvia and K-9 Merry were called to assist the Aroostook S.O with a juvenile female who threatened to kill a teacher and then ran off into the woods. Troopers dealt with the same female twice earlier in the week and she was charged with assault after an earlier incident. The female was tracked down and located by Merry then taken into custody by the S.O by after a brief struggle with Tr. Sylvia and the Deputy.  MORE DETAILS

June 3 – Tr. Levesque responded to the Mars Hill IGA for a shoplifting complaint. Trp Levesque summonsed a 24-year-old female for theft after she took an item from the shelf and hid it on her person. The store caught the incident on camera and the woman was seen stealing the item leaving the empty box on the shelf. Trp. Levesque issued a criminal summons for theft by unauthorized taking/transfer as well as a trespassing warning prohibiting the woman from returning to the IGA.

June 4 – Tr. Pescitelli was on patrol driving through Mars Hill and he noticed a black sedan parked in the parking lot of the shell station. Tr. Pescitelli stopped to make sure they were all set and he made contact with the juvenile male operator. Tr. Pescitelli noticed what appeared to be an empty beer bottle in the cup holder of the driver’s side door as the operator was closing the door. After questioning and a search of the vehicle Tr. Pescitelli discovered another full bottle of alcohol in the trunk. The male was charged for possession of liquor by a minor.

June 4  – Troopers Bell and Pescitelli and Sgt. Fuller investigated the report of an adult male running around naked outside of his house near a busy road in Bridgewater. Multiple witnesses observed the male naked and descriptions of the male were consistent. The male suspect and female homeowner denied the allegations. The male was summonsed for indecent conduct.

June 5 – Tr. Levesque and Cpl Quint responded to an aircraft that made an emergency landing in a field in Westfield. Craig Maynard and his father, Rodney Maynard, left Houlton Airport earlier in the day, landed briefly in Presque Isle, and were returning to Houlton when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing. Craig landed the plane in a field owned by Smith Farms and no one was injured. There is no damage to the 1972 Cessna 172 aircraft. Last summer, Craig and Rodney landed the same aircraft on Interstate 95, Houlton, due to engine trouble. PHOTO

June 5 – Cpl. Quint investigated a road rage incident that started in Bridgewater. The victim reported a vehicle following to close and the driver was shaking his fist at him. The victim then told the dispatcher that the man hit his vehicle. Presque Isle PD stopped the suspect in Presque Isle. The suspect stated the man passed him too quickly and he felt that he was “disrespected in his own neighborhood.” The suspect also told Cpl Quint that he purposely passed the vehicle and then cut him off when pulling back into the travel lane to teach the man a lesson. Cpl Quint did not observe any damage to either vehicle. The suspect was issued a criminal summons for driving to endanger.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.