Here is the latest weekly activity log from Troop F of the Maine State Police, which has its headquarters in Houlton.

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March 14 – Trooper Bell stopped a vehicle in Hodgdon for expired inspection. The vehicle’s registration had almost a year prior, in April 2015. The driver was summonsed for expired registration over 150 days and warned for other violations.

March 15 – Tr. Bell stopped a vehicle in Houlton after recognizing the operator and knowing he was currently suspended. The suspension was confirmed and a summons was issued to the driver.

March 15 – In November of 2015 law enforcement became aware of sexually explicit images of minors being downloaded to a computer in Washburn. The Maine State Police Computer Crimes Unit and Homeland Security Investigations in Houlton jointly worked to identify and interview the person responsible. On Tuesday, March 15th Trooper Nick Casavant arrested 21-year-old Daniel Roy of Washburn and charged him with Possession of Sexually Explicit Material. Roy was able to post bail and one condition of his release is to have no unsupervised contact with minors under the age of 16.

March 15 – Tr. Sylvia investigated a violation of a protection order in Linneus which was served after a previous family fight several nights earlier. The 32-year-old Linneus man returned and attempted to patch things up with his spouse, but she wasn’t having it and called police. The man fled and Tr. Sylvia spent considerable time throughout the shift looking for the man in the area and checking with nearby family members. A temporary warrant was put out for his arrest. The following morning the man’s mother called the victim and the suspect was heard in the background. Troopers Sylvia located and arrested the man without incident.

March 16 – Cpl. Michaud arrested a 24-year-old Presque Isle man on a temporary warrant for domestic assault and transported him to PIPD so they could charge him. Ashland PD made the initial contact at the mill in Masardis and brought him to their PD for Cpl. Michaud.

March 17 – Tr. Levesque arrested a man in Westfield for OUI after the man had gone off the road. Tr. Levesque was patrolling the area and discovered the man and his vehicle off the roadway and stopped to investigate. Tr. Levesque observed the man was impaired and conducted FST’s consequently resulting in the man’s arrest. The man was taken to Presque Isle PD for an Intoxilyzer test.

March 17 – Tr. Sucy arrested a female for violating a protective order in Staceyville. The woman’s boyfriend had previously been arrested for DV assault against the woman and was awarded a temporary protection order against her. The man called the State Police reporting she was at his residence screaming at him. Tr. Sucy located the woman walking along the Grindstone Road in Staceyville. Cpl. Quint arrived to assist Tr. Sucy and searched the woman after it was determined she would be arrested for the PO violation. The search resulted in finding methamphetamines in her coat pocket. After the woman was placed in Tr. Sucy’s cruiser the Troopers went to the man’s residence to get his statement. While talking to the man it was discovered that he intentionally violated his conditions of release early that day. The man was placed under arrest by Cpl. Quint and both persons were transported to the Penobscot County Jail in Bangor.

March 17 – Cpl. Michaud investigated a trespassing complaint on the Simpson Rd in Westfield. The homeowner returned home and found the door kicked in and believed the dog chased the intruder off prior to stealing anything. The case remains under investigation.

March 18 – Tr. Bell stopped a vehicle in Houlton and the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was given a ticket for operating after suspension (infraction).

March 18 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle on Route 1 in Blaine for speeding. The operator was a 29-year-old Caribou woman who had an active warrant for failing to appear in court. The operator was arrested and transported to Presque Isle PD.

March 19 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle on Route 1 in Littleton for an expired inspection sticker. The operator was a 24-year-old Littleton man. The vehicle had not been registered since May of 2015. The operator was criminally summonsed for operating a motor vehicle with an expired registration of more than 150 days.

March 19 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle for not having plate lights. The operator was a 38-year-old Mapleton man. After requesting a license check from the RCC, the RCC advised that the operator’s license status was suspended. The operator was summonsed for civil operating after suspension.

March 19 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle on Route 1A in Mars Hill for a headlight out. The operator admitted to drinking a few beers. Tr. Endre administered SFSTs on the 28-year-old operator. After the SFST’s, the operator was arrested for OUI and transported to Presque Isle PD. While at PIPD the operator used the Intoxilyzer showing a BrAC of 0.11%. The operator was later bailed out.

March 19 – Cpl. Quint arrested a man after he violated a protective order. The man had gone to a residence where he is prohibited per the PO and left his ex-girlfriend several hand written messages. The man did this two days in a row. Cpl. Quint located the man at his sister’s residence and arrested him after he admitted to the violation(s). The man was just arrested for a similar violation a few days earlier by Tr. Sylvia and was able to post bail.

March 19 – Tr. Luce investigated a terrorizing complaint in Eagle Lake. A woman reported that her adult son has been threatening to kill her and burn her house with her inside. The man left a detailed message for his mother describing how he wanted to hurt and kill her. Tr. Luce located and arrested the man in Fort Kent.

March 20 – In the early morning hours Tr. Adam Stoutamyer was called out and responded to a domestic assault in the town of Mapleton where a 32-year-old male whom resides at his mother’s residence got upset because his mother and husband were still up, and making noise. The son exited his bedroom where he confronted his mother and slapped her in the face with his open hand. He was then locked out of the home, and was standing on the deck when Tr. Stoutamyer arrived. The parties were separated, and interviewed. The son was placed under arrest for the DV assault, and was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.

March 20 – Tr. Casavant began investigating a shoplifting case at the IGA in Mars Hill. The store owner called after catching the theft on the video surveillance system. The local female is known to employees and the case remains under investigation.

March 20 – Cpl. Michaud arrested a 53-year-old Caribou man for OUI. Cpl. Michaud pulled the vehicle over for speeding on Route 161 in New Sweden. The subject did poorly on field sobriety tests, was arrested, and transported to Caribou PD. Once there, he was given an Intoxilyzer test, ticketed for his speed and possessing an open container of alcohol. He later posted bail and was released.

Maine State Police

March 20 – Tr. Sucy conducted a well-being check on a man in Ludlow after it was reported the man had a large knife and had stabbed himself due to wanting to commit suicide. Sgt. Clark responded with Tr. Sucy and found the man had not stabbed himself and had a few superficial scratches. The man volunteered to be evaluated by a mental health professional. While at the scene, Tr. Sucy observed a snowmobile left on the side of the roadway at the mouth of the driveway. Tr. Sucy and Sgt. Clark followed the snowmobile tracks back to a residence on the B Road. The man inside the residence stated that it was his snowmobile and that a friend had used it. The man was extremely intoxicated. Tr. Sucy arranged for a wrecker to remove the snowmobile from the roadway. Tr. Sucy and Sgt. Clark left the residence and as they drove down the B Road they observed the intoxicated man lying in the roadway. Tr. Sucy and Sgt. Clark stopped to investigate. The Troopers were trying to help the man to his house where his girlfriend was inside watching. Cpl. Quint also arrived at the residence to assist. The man continued to be extremely belligerent and was screaming numerous derogatory comments and racial slurs at the Troopers. Cpl. Quint and Tr. Sucy were trying to help the man walk to his residence but he refused to cooperate and kept purposely dropping to the ground. The man sat forward on the ground and spit on Tr. Sucy’s uniform. The man was arrested for assault and taken to the jail.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.