These are some of the many calls that Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to in the Aroostook County area this past week:

Maine State Police

Sept. 29 – Trooper Darcy arrested a 53-year-old Smyrna female for Operating Under the Influence after she drove to the Houlton District Attorney’s Office while intoxicated.

Sept. 29 – Tr. Saucier investigated an assault complaint in Patten. Part way through the investigation the victim decided not to cooperate and the case was closed.

Oct. 1 – Tr. Lilley responded to multiple calls in the southern Aroostook area for downed trees and road flooding due to the heavy rainfall and wind. Houlton was reported to have had approximately 5” of rain that day and into the evening.

Oct. 1 – Tr. Levesque and K9 Vitz responded to Presque Isle for a burglary in progress. K9 Vitz picked up a scent and tracked a considerable distance through the streets of Presque Isle before losing the scent.

Oct. 1 – Tr. Endre handled a threatening/harassment complaint in Monticello. Harassment warning was issued.

Oct. 1 – Tr. Saucier assisted DHHS with a home visit in Patten and as a result an assortment of drug paraphernalia and shoe box of marijuana was seized. The investigation is ongoing and charges pending.

Oct. 2 – Tr. Stoutamyer and Sgt. Jeff Clark responded to a residence where a 34-year-old female had been assaulted by her 30-year-old brother. The brother had been living at the sister’s residence, and when he came home from work on this evening the sister/victim was drinking some wine with her boyfriend. The brother got upset and pushed the sister down the stairs twice, and was on top of her punching her in the face when her 16-year-old daughter came downstairs to see the assault occurring and called the police. The brother was then removed from, and locked out of the residence so he then punched and broke a glass kitchen window causing substantial cuts on his hand which caused a fair amount of bleeding. The brother was transported to the hospital for treatment where Sgt. Clark and Tr. Stoutamyer later met with him and placed him under arrest for Domestic Assault, Criminal Mischief, and Violation of conditions of release as he was out on bail at the time as well.

Oct. 2 – Tr. Darcy arrested a 48-year-old Castle Hill man on an outstanding warrant as the result of a traffic stop on I-95 in Ludlow.

Oct. 3 – Tr. Sucy was patrolling Rt. 2A in Haynesville when he observed a vehicle pass by him with an expired inspection sticker. Tr. Sucy turned to stop the vehicle but noticed the vehicle make a quick turn off of Rt. 2A and on to a woods road. When Tr. Sucy caught up to the vehicle it was stopped at a gate that crossed the woods road. The man operating the vehicle had claimed to be bird hunting. Tr. Sucy could smell the odor of Marijuana coming from the man. Tr. Sucy questioned the man and he admitted to having Marijuana hidden in the woods. The man located the useable amount of Marijuana and stated that he threw the pipe out the window when he saw Tr. Sucy turn on him. Tr. Sucy seized the Marijuana and summoned the male for possession of useable amount of Marijuana

Maine StatePolice

Oct. 3 – Tr. Michaud concluded a camp burglary investigation this week. A camp owner had caught 3 young men attempting to steal alcohol and food from his camp just outside of Chapman. The two 17-year-olds and one 18-year-old were identified and confessed to Tr. Michaud. The victim opted to request the young men do community service instead of being charged. The young men and their families agreed to work with the victim and they were able to come to a resolution.

Oct. 4- Tr. Darcy was called out to a residence in Oakfield for a 9-1-1 hang up. Once he arrived on scene, Tr. Darcy learned an assault had taken place between a grandmother and granddaughter. Investigation revealed the grandmother did not realize what she had done as she her blood sugar was extremely low. The woman ate breakfast and began to feel better. The woman was not charged as she was having a medical issue and did not know what she had done, her granddaughter was not injured.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.