Troop F of the Maine State Police responded to 140 calls for service this past week. Here is a log of some of the most significant incidents and accidents.

Maine State Police

March 6 – Cpl. Hafford responded to a motor vehicle crash with injury on Rt. 1 in Frenchville. Investigation showed that the 35 YO male operator had been celebrating his birthday and was intoxicated. Cpl Hafford charged him with OUI.

March 7 – Tr. Darcy charged a 43-year-old Littleton man with Misuse of 911 after he called 7 times for a non-emergency reason. The man was warned to not call 911 if he did not have an emergency, but he continued to call both the 911 line and the non-emergency number. Tr. Quint had responded to the residence earlier in the day after the male had called and was distraught over an allegation that was made against him that he didn’t think was true. Tr. Quint had handled that incident but the male then made close to twenty additional calls to Dispatch during the day and would not listen to reason. There were no more calls received once he was charged. Sgt. Fuller assisted at the man’s residence.

March 7 – Tr. Bell investigated a domestic violence assault after the female victim was able to walk to a neighbor’s house and report the incident. Investigation revealed that physical assaults had occurred over a period of time and around the time of the complaint. The male was interviewed and arrested. Tr. Darcy and Sgt. Fuller assisted. On March 9 Tr. Sylvia investigated a violation of bail complaint stemming from the domestic violence assault arrest by Tr. Bell on March 7. The victim contacted Tr. Bell direct and reported the violation via text messages. Troopers Sylvia and Saucier responded to the residence and arrested the 34-year-old man who made admissions about the violation of bail and previous assault. A bail search also revealed a loaded shotgun which was seized.

March 7 – Tr. Stoutamyer responded to a personal injury motor vehicle accident where an empty log truck was struck in the side of the trailer by a Ski Doo snowmobile. The 48-year-old Presque Isle man who was the operator of the truck stated that he was traveling north on Rt. 11 in the town of Masardis when a snowmobile crossed the roadway in front of him at a high rate of speed, and then as he was approaching the trail another snowmobile came out and attempted to cross Rt. 11 at that time and struck the tractor trailer on the side and the front of the snowmobile traveled under the truck where the snowmobile was torn in half. The 35-year-old Maryland man who was the operator of the snowmobile stated that this was his 3rd day of snowmobiling ever. He said he was the number 2 snowmobile in the group of 4. He said the snowmobile in the front of him went across the road and that when he himself approached the stop sign on the trail, he said it was right on the side of the road and he did not have time to stop. He then slid out into the road and struck the tractor trailer right in front of its driver's side rear wheels. The operator of the truck was uninjured, but the operator of the snowmobile has multiple minor injuries, and a possible compound fracture of his right leg. PHOTO HERE.

March 7 – (Accident #2) Tr. Stoutamyer responded to a crash on Route 11, Masardis, involving a tractor trailer and a snowmobile. Another tractor trailer truck driver came around a corner, saw several stopped vehicles, and knew he could not stop so he purposely drove into the ditch. The shoulder was softer than the driver anticipated and his truck rolled over. Sgt. Clark and Cpl. Quint responded to the roll-over and reduced Route 11 to one lane while the truck was recovered. PHOTOS HERE.

March 8 – Tr. Saucier and Tr. Sylvia responded to Silver Ridge Twp for a report of a stolen motor vehicle. The homeowner had a suspect whom he believed took his truck and while there speaking to the victim Tr. Saucer observed the truck pull back into the driveway and then leave abruptly when the operator saw the cruiser. Tr. Saucier attempted to follow the vehicle, but was delayed momentarily getting out of the icy driveway with his cruiser. By the time Tr. Saucier caught up to the truck it was abandoned in a field. Tr. Saucier followed the only set of footprints in the snow leaving the vehicle and caught up to the suspect a short time later and took him into custody without incident. As a result a 33-year-old Silver Ridge man was arrested and charged with theft by unauthorized use of a vehicle, VCR and operating after revoked.

March 9 – Tr. Bell, Tr. Stoutamyer, and Cpl. Michaud assisted the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office with a domestic violence assault in Bridgewater. The suspect left in a vehicle and was spotted in Blaine. The suspect was eventually found at a friend’s house and arrested by a Deputy.

March 9 – Tr. Saucier and Sgt. Haines responded to Linneus for a family fight where a male and female were arguing and the male refused to let the female leave with her children. No crime was committed and the argument was verbal only. Both parties refused to leave without the children and were left with another family member to mediate for the evening.

March 10 – Tr. Sucy arrested a 21-year-old male for OUI. Tr. Sucy stopped the driver for a defective registration plate light. Trp. Sucy noted several key factors leading him to suspect the driver was impaired by liquor and by his own admission he had consumed three beers. The driver tried to hide his open beer behind his backseat causing it to spill. Tr. Sucy investigated and arrested the male for OUI. The man was also issued summonses for possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia, and having an open container.

March 10 – Cpl. Michaud began investigating a residential burglary on the Colby Siding Rd in Woodland. The owner reported returning home from a trip and finding their garage door open and items missing. The case remains under investigation.

March 10 – Tr. Sylvia and K-9 Merry were called to the Houlton POE for a drug search of a commercial motor vehicle at the request of Tr. Rob Flynn. Later that same day, Tr. Sylvia and Merry were requested for a search with Houlton PD on a motor vehicle. Neither search yielded any drugs.

March 12 – Tr. Darcy arrested a 23-year-old Patten female for Possession of a Schedule W Drug (methamphetamine) stemming from an incident that occurred on March 3 where the female was the passenger of a vehicle where the driver was arrested for OUI drugs.

March 13 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer responded to a single vehicle, personal injury motor vehicle accident in the town of Frenchville. The operator went off the road and into the snowbank as he was having a seizure. The accident happened next to a residence, and the resident came out and reported the incident. Paramedics arrived, and it was discovered that the operator was also intoxicated. The operator was transported to the Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent for treatment of his minor injuries, and he was charged with a class C OUI as it was his 3rd in the last few years.

March 13 – In the early morning hours Tr. Stoutamyer responded to a possible domestic assault. The 54-year-old female reported hitting her husband in the face. Once on scene she then stated that she only placed her hand on the side of his face and tried to push him aside to be able to leave as he was standing in the doorway and didn’t want her to go. The 47-year-old boyfriend said he did not want her to go to jail, and that the 3rd party, a 57-year-old male friend has been living there with them for the last 4 months has been causing them stress, and they don’t know what to do. The 3rd male subject agreed to leave in the morning, and the female stayed at a relative’s residence just down the road.

March 13 – Tr. Darcy charged a 22-year-old Presque Isle man with Possession of Marijuana as the result of a traffic stop on I-95 in Dyer Brook.