Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police

Feb. 8 – Tr. Casavant and Sgt. Haines responded to Easton for a report of a 46-year-old Limestone man walking down the road after threatening to kill his father. The man was located and found to be intoxicated and in violation of his conditions of release. The man was recently arrested and on bail for threatening his ex-wife after an incident several weeks ago where Troopers had brought him to Cary Medical Center in Caribou for an eval after being arrested.

Feb. 8 – Tr. Casavant and Cpl. Michaud investigated a family fight where a 23-year-old Blaine woman assaulted her mother after a night of drinking. The 45-year-old mother refused to press charges or cooperate with the investigation. The parties were separated and a DHHS referral was made related to the intoxicated state of the daughter and her young child.

Feb. 9 – Tr. Luce assisted the Maine Warden Service with a complaint high school age kids in a pickup driving on Long Lake possible drinking. The Wardens were trying to locate the described vehicle and Tr. Luce patrolled the roads adjacent to the lake.

Feb. 9 – Tr. Levesque and Sgt. Clark investigated an assault in Mapleton. A male called and reported that another male had come into his apartment and grabbed him by the shirt to bring him to talk outside. The complainant’s son came in and the suspect ended up leaving the residence. The complainant stated he did not know the man’s last name and said the person was from Connecticut but would not say how they knew each other.

Feb. 10 – Cpl. Michaud investigated a theft from a snowmobile parked at Dean’s Motor Lodge in Portage. A tank (cargo) bag was removed off the sled and stolen. The case remains under investigation.

Feb. 10 – Cpl. Quint was called to a residence in Bridgewater where an infant had an object fall on his head. Crown Ambulance also responded to the residence and transported the one-month-old child due The Aroostook Medical Center. Cpl. Quint investigated the incident and determined it was not intentional or abuse. The child was placed in a seat under a wall-mounted shelf. When the person was reaching on the shelf to get a letter a medium sized square mirror fell and struck the child on the head. The child needed three stiches and was released from the hospital.

Feb. 10 – Tr. Saucier arrested a 26-year-old Sherman man on an outstanding warrant after observing him driving and being aware he had the warrant. The man is very familiar to Tr. Saucier from recent dealings and was arrested without incident.

Feb. 11: Tr. Levesque and Tr. Luce spoke with students in the Criminal Justice Program at Caribou High School about working in law enforcement, hiring process, and other aspects of law enforcement. Tr. Levesque and his State Police Canine Vitz also did a demonstration for the students on the capabilities of a State Police K9.

Feb. 11 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle for an expired inspection sticker, while on a Stone Garden Detail in Mars Hill. The operator had an active warrant from Caribou Superior Court. The 34-year-old male was arrested and transported to Presque Isle PD where he posted bail and was released.

Feb. 11 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle for an expired inspection sticker, while on a Stone Garden detail in Mars Hill. The registration, inspection and insurance were expired. The 34-year-old male was also operating after suspension. The operator was summoned criminally for registration over 150 days expired and summonsed for the OAS-infraction and Insurance.

Feb. 12 – Trp. Sucy stopped a 26-year-old male for texting and driving. The man said he had a fight with his mother and was sending text messages which were distracting him from driving his vehicle. Trp. Sucy issued the driver a summons for the violation.

Feb. 12 – Tr. Darcy arrested a 29-year-old Sherman female for a probation violation and shoplifting lithium batteries from Ellis Family Market in Patten. The female took a drug test at the jail as part of her probation conditions and the test showed several types of drugs in her system. Tr. Stoutamyer assisted with arrest.

Feb. 12 – Sgt. Clark responded to a crash involving a tractor trailer. The truck had lost control and jackknifed causing it to go off the roadway on Route 11 in T14 R6 (Soucy Hill). The driver was not injured in the crash.

Feb. 13 – Tr. Sylvia and K-9 Merry were called out for a drug search related to a traffic stop Tr. Sucy initiated in Blaine. Meth and paraphernalia had been located by Tr. Sucy during a search of the vehicle and Tr. Sylvia and Merry responded for a K9 search of the vehicle. Merry indicated on the vehicle during the search. The male was charged with possession of Meth and his probation officer placed a hold on him, Tr. Sucy transported him to ACJ.

Feb. 13 – Tr. Sylvia responded to Orient for a 911 hang-up. Upon closer investigation there was a verbal argument between the female caller and her boyfriend. The male left prior to Tr. Sylvia’s arrival and the couple planned to remain separated. No crime was committed.

Feb. 13 – Tr. Marquis assisted Wardens Fitzpatrick and Marquis with two separate OUI’s one on a snow sled and one in a vehicle by transporting the suspects and operating the intoxilyzer.

Feb. 13 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle on Rt 1 in Monticello for speeding. The operator was a 25-year-old Linneus man. After a license check was conducted, the RCC advised that the man’s driving status was suspended with a prior. The operator was summonsed for criminal OAS.

Feb. 13 – Tr. Sylvia and K-9 Merry were called out to assist Houlton PD with a stolen motor vehicle case. The vehicle was stolen and recovered locally with tracks leading away from the scene. Due to the subzero conditions and time that passed from when the vehicle was abandoned the suspect was not located.

Feb. 14 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer stopped a male for speeding on Rt. 161 in the town of Fort Fairfield, and found that the male was operating with a suspended license, with one prior OAS. The male was subsequently charged for OAS, and was warned for the speed.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.