Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Maine State Police

Feb. 14 – Trooper Bell and Trooper Darcy responded to Cary Plantation for a complaint of suspicious activity within a trailer. Troopers arrived to find an intoxicated and bleeding nude male who had destroyed the inside of his trailer. The male’s adult son was also intoxicated. It was discovered that the father was on bail and was not allowed to consume alcohol. The father was arrested for a bail violation.

Feb. 14 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer stopped a vehicle for speeding on Rt. 161 in the town of Fort Fairfield and discovered that the 26-year-old male operator was operating with a suspended Maine operator’s license, and he had one prior OAS. The operator was charged with OAS.

Feb. 14 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle on Rt. 163 in Mapleton for failing to display an inspection sticker. The 19-year-old operator told Tr. Endre that the plates belong on a different vehicle but he was going to visit his grandfather in the hospital and didn’t have any other way to get there. The operator was summonsed for false attachment, and then given a ride to the local hospital.

Feb. 15 – Tr. Levesque and State Police Canine “Vitz” were requested by Caribou PD to a crash where the driver and a passenger fled on foot. Tr. Levesque and Vitz responded and searched the area. Tr. Luce was also in the area and assisted in the search. A male juvenile was found not far from the scene and was transported back to Caribou PD.

Feb. 16 – Cpl. Quint investigated a family fight in Patten. Upon arrival he met with the husband and wife in their home. The husband called 911 because he did not want his spouse at the residence. Further investigation revealed the man’s father had been arrested for a probation violation the previous day and he was struggling with his father being in jail. No crime had occurred and the two were able to get some resolution.

Feb. 16 – Tr. Saucier investigated an alleged protection order violation and new harassment allegation in the towns of Patten and Sherman. The incidents stemmed from a separation and child custody disagreement. The DA was consulted on the possible violation and determined there was nothing criminal. A new harassment warned was issued to a third party who became involved in the family feud.

Feb. 16 – Tr. Saucier began investigating the theft of a firearm from a residence in Dyer Brook back in April 2015. The victim believed his former roommate at the time took the weapon. The suspect is now incarcerated at the ACJ. The case remains under investigation.

Feb. 17 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer stopped a vehicle for speeding on Rt. 161 in the town of Caribou and discovered that the 29-year-old male operator was operating with a Maine operator’s license that had expired over 6 months ago. The operator was charged with Operating with an expired license over 90 days.

Feb. 17 – Tr. Luce is currently working on an investigation where a man reported his home was burglarized during the daytime and his medications were strewn around and reported to have had two long guns stolen, a rifle and shotgun. Cpl. Hafford came in to process the scene for evidence and Tr. Luce is currently working on leads for this incident.

Feb. 17 – Tr. Endre assisted Presque Isle PD with a burglary on Main Street in Presque Isle. The alarm was set off when the subject attempted to make entry through a side window of the business. The subject was found about an hour later at a nearby residence. The male subject was arrested for two counts of VCR, two counts of Criminal Mischief, and Assault.

Feb. 18 – Tr. Endre stopped a motor vehicle for speeding on Benjamin Street in Mars Hill. The passenger had an active warrant and two sets of bail. The passenger was arrested and transported to the ACJ. While at the ACJ Tr. Endre asked the male for a urine test due to the search and test conditions; the subject was given multiple attempts to provide a urine sample but failed to do so. He was charged with VCR due to a refusal.

Feb. 18 – Tr.’s Adam Stoutamyer and Gavin Endre responded to a residence in New Limerick as a male was reporting that his girlfriend who he resides with there had just kicked in the door to gain entry into their home. They had been arguing, and the female had exited the residence, and he had locked her out. Then moments later the female called, was hysterical, and was reporting that the boyfriend had their 2-year-old son and she was afraid that he was going to kidnap the boy. Tr.’s arrived to find them both outside, and the male had the boy in his arms. They were separated and the mother said she just wanted the child back and wanted to leave. The father said he wasn’t leaving. They argued back and forth when they had brief encounters with each other, and they both wanted to video tape the other person to document their behaviors. We stood by while the mother gathered some things for her and the 2-year-old boy, and she was allowed to leave with the boy. A DHHS referral was made for the child, as well a report to the Hope and Justice Project for the mother. The next day, DHHS requested that Troopers accompany them to the residence so they could meet with the family. Tr.’s Adam Stoutamyer and Adam Bell assisted DHHS.

Feb. 19 – Tr. Bell stopped a vehicle in Houlton after a traffic complaint that the operator may be intoxicated. The female driver had consumed alcohol, but was not intoxicated. The female also provided a fake name, and when her true identity was learned, it was discovered that she was operating after suspension and violating her probation conditions. The female was arrested on a probation hold and summonsed for operating after suspension.

Feb. 19 – Cpl. Hafford responded to a rollover crash in Grand Isle. The vehicle was totaled and the operator was gone from the scene. Cpl. Hafford was able to locate the operator several hours later and charged the male with failing to report a crash by quickest means. The operator stated that he had fallen asleep and when Cpl. Hafford went to his residence at 0400, he did not come to the door because he was tired. The male had minor cuts to his face and hands and was walking with a limp due to leg pain. The vehicle was totaled in the crash. PHOTO AND MORE DETAILS HERE.

Feb. 19 – Tr. Casavant took a report of stolen firearm in Mapleton. The victim believed he knew who took the gun, but was reluctant to give the woman’s name. By the end of the initial interview the man gave the woman’s name, but said she didn’t want her confronted and he no longer wanted to get her in trouble or press charges. The case was closed due to the victim refusing to cooperate.

Feb. 20 – Troopers Sylvia and Saucier responded to Orient for a report of a man racing around the neighborhood in a vehicle and a second call stated he returned home and was yelling at his girlfriend. Both parties have been dealt with repeatedly by Troopers, but this time no crime was committed and parties were separated.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.