Here is the latest weekly activity log from Troop F of the Maine State Police, which has its headquarters in Houlton.

Maine State Police

Feb. 28 – Trooper Levesque assisted Limestone and Caribou PD’s with a man that refused to stop for the Limestone PD officer. The officer attempted to stop the vehicle for speeding and it refused, traveling into Caribou. Trp. Levesque and the other officers followed the vehicle to Cary Medical Center where it stopped in front of the emergency room. The man stated that he was having a medical emergency. Due to the officers from both departments not being certified on Field Sobriety Testing, Trp. Levesque administered the tests consequently leading to the man’s arrest for OUI. It was later determined the man was not impaired but suffered from mental illness causing him to fail the SFST’s.

Feb. 28 – Trp. Levesque and his State Police Canine “Vitz” were called to assist Caribou PD to locate a missing 16-year-old juvenile. Trp. Levesque started working the track however while working the mother of the child located her at a local church.

March 1 – Tr. Bell stopped a vehicle in Hodgdon and discovered the male driver had falsely attached plates to the vehicle and was not insured or inspected. The driver was summonsed for attaching false plates and warned for the other violations. Due to the frigid temperature, the driver was given a ride to his destination in Amity after the vehicle was parked for the night.

March 1 – Tr. Adam Stoutamyer responded to a report of a family fight on the Mapleton Rd. in the town of Mapleton between husband and wife. They had been arguing, and there was a struggle where each person was assaultive towards each other. After consulting with Sgt. Jeff Clark, and DDA Carrie Linthicum, DDA Linthicum did not feel it was appropriate to charge either party. The parties were separated.

March 3 – Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle in Patten because he was aware the driver had a suspended license. As a result Tr. Darcy charged the female driver with OAS and arrested her husband on an active warrant.

March 3 – Tr. Darcy arrested a Patten man for Operating under the Influence of drugs. Sgt. Fuller had stopped the vehicle on I-95 in Dyer Brook as the result of several traffic complaints throughout the morning. Tr. Saucier conducted a Drug Recognition Evaluation on the subject and found he was impaired by stimulants. Tr. Bell also assisted at the scene and charged a Patten female with possession of drug paraphernalia.

March 4 – Cpl. Quint and Trp. Adam Bell went to the Houlton Elementary School to read to a class of Kindergarten students. It was “Reading Week” and the class was working on words that rhyme. The Troopers read several Dr. Seuss stories to the students.

March 4 – Tr. Saucier was called out for a noise disturbance in Patten. The caller reported a neighbor doing construction work or banging around in his garage all hours of the night all week. Tr. Saucier spoke to the neighbor who was working in the garage and he agreed to go inside and call it a night.

March 5 – Tr. Michaud conducted a traffic stop in Mars Hill and as a result summonsed a 25-year-old Lincoln man for OAS.

March 5 – Tr. Saucier was called to a camp burglary in Masardis. The stove and propane tank was missing and is believed to have been taken recently according to a friend who checks on the camp. The case remains under investigation.

March 5 – Tr. Casavant was called to the Port of Entry in Houlton for an operator crossing who was under suspension. As a result of the investigation a 61-year-old Moncton man was charged with OAS.

March 5 – Trp. Luce assisted the Sheriff’s Department with a combative male in New Canada. The family members wanted this individual, who was impaired by illegal drugs, to be transported to the local hospital. Trp. Luce and the Sheriff’s deputy were able to get the man to voluntarily go with the ambulance to the hospital for an evaluation.

March 5 – Tr. Levesque and Sgt. Clark received an anonymous complaint of a possible underage drinking party going on in Stockholm. The caller did not have an address and the directions were poor. Sgt. Clark located the party on the Stockholm Rd. and upon arriving Tr. Levesque and Sgt. Clark observed people run into the camp and lock the door. The son of the camp owner exited the camp and refused entry and claimed to be celebrating his 21st birthday and he did not know of any underage kids at the camp. During the interview with the male claiming to be 21 years old, Tr. Levesque warned him several times for disorderly conduct due to his belligerence.

Maine State Police

Sgt. Clark and Tr. Levesque ran registrations of the vehicles that were in the yard and also partially blocking the roadway and parents were notified. During investigation, information discovered by Tr. Levesque confirmed that there were minors drinking inside the camp. Tr. Levesque told the camp owner that he would be getting charged with providing a place for minors to consume alcohol. Once Tr. Levesque informed the man that he was getting charged, he began to run towards the camp. Tr. Levesque took the man into custody after a short struggle. It was later learned that the man was only 17 years old. Tr. Levesque contacted the local JCCO who met the juvenile at Caribou PD and placed him on conditions and turned over to the boy’s mother. The boy was charged with disorderly conduct, providing a place for minors to consume alcohol, and refusing to submit to arrest or detention. The investigation is continuing.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.