Here is the latest weekly incident report from Troop F of the Maine State Police, headquartered in Houlton:

Jan. 24 – Sgt. Fuller and Trooper Endre responded to a residence on Rt. 2 in Merrill for a 911 hang up. After speaking to a man about why he called 911, Tr. Endre asked to walk through the man’s house, the man agreed. While inside Tr. Endre found a female hiding in the shower. Both parties were on probation, after contacting the probation officer both parties were taken to the ACJ to use the intoxilyzer and then both were arrested on probation violations.

Jan. 25 – Tr. Luce investigated a theft of diesel fuel from a logging truck that was parked in the victim’s driveway in Portage. The victim stated this is the second time it has happened and he has lost approximately 150 gallons of fuel. Trp. Luce advised the man to set up a game camera to assist with finding out who was stealing the fuel. Trp. Luce is still investigating.

Jan. 25 – Tr. Bell investigated two separate tractor trailer crashes. A Monticello crash on a private logging road resulted in a rollover of the tractor and loaded trailer, and the driver suffered substantial head and leg injuries. [Details & photo here]

An Orient crash a couple of hours later was the result of the driver being distracted and reaching for a water bottle cap. The tractor and empty trailer went off the road and struck multiple trees, which nearly tore the sleeper section off the tractor. Neither of the drivers was wearing seat belts.[Details here]

Jan. 25 – Tr. Darcy charged a 24-year-old Medway man with Operating after Suspension as the result of a traffic stop on I-95 in Houlton. Drug paraphernalia was also located during a probable cause search of the vehicle.

Jan. 25 – Tr. Darcy charged a 37-year-old Stockholm man with Possession of a Usable Amount of Marijuana as the result of a traffic stop on I-95 in New Limerick. The man was on probation for drug charges and his probation officer authorized a search by Tr. Darcy where marijuana was found.

Jan. 26 – Sgt. Fuller, Tr. Darcy and Tr. Endre responded to a residence in Monticello for a report of a man pointing a firearm a possible intruder and then chasing them down the road. After interviewing the parties it was found that no crime had been committed and warnings for trespass were given.

Jan. 27 – Tr. Darcy charged a 45-year-old Littleton man with Operating after Suspension as the result of a traffic stop on Route 1 in Houlton. The man’s license suspension went into effect in 1990.

Jan. 27 – Tr. Sylvia started a forgery investigation in Littleton related to someone falsely obtaining a vehicle title. The investigation is ongoing.

Jan. 28 – Cpl. Michaud and Recruit Pescitelli escorted a female back to her residence in Mapleton because she had been getting threatening messages via social media platforms. A male subject was ultimately arrested by Presque Isle Police Department.

Jan. 28 – Tr. Levesque investigated a two-vehicle crash in Mars Hill.The vehicles were following each other to a private residence. The first vehicle was turning right and the second vehicle struck the first vehicle from behind. The driver of the second vehicle was not wearing his seatbelt and was transported to the hospital in Presque Isle for injuries to his head (non-life threatening). Both operators were issued summonses. The operator of the truck that was rear ended was issued a summons for an equipment violation and the second driver was issued a summons for a seat belt violation. It appears the second driver was distracted causing him to not see the first vehicle slowing to make the turn.

Jan. 29 – Tr. Marquis investigated a crash in Eagle Lake and ultimately arrested the operator for OUI

Jan. 30 – Cpl. Quint arrested an Amity man for a probation violation after he returned to the victim’s residence in Smyrna. The man was on probation for domestic violence charges and returned to the prohibited residence. The man was transported to the county jail in Houlton.

Maine State Police

Jan. 30 – Tr. Levesque received a threatening/harassment complaint in Mapleton. An 18-year-old female had been threatened over Facebook by a 15 -year-old male due to issues on the school bus. The father of the 18-year-old female had received a text message from a friend that included a video of the 15-year-old boy saying that he was going to burn their house down. Tr. Levesque located the 15-year-old male and charged him with terrorizing.

Jan. 30 – Tr. Endre stopped a vehicle for speeding on Rt. 1A in Mars Hill. After a license check the operator was identified as having a warrant for VCR on a prior DV Assault and Criminal Restraint. The male subject was then arrested and transported to the ACJ.

Jan. 30 – Sgt. Clark, Tr. Stoutamyer and Tr. Endre responded to what was called in as a large fight in Mapleton. The caller was a 16-year-old daughter of one of the members. While the units were responding, the 16-year-old female told dispatch that her mother had been drinking heavily and was now trying to break into the house to get her and her 14-year-old brother. After arriving the Troopers saw where the bed room door had been broken and found the mother intoxicated. The two children were taken to stay with family members and DHHS was informed of the situation.

Troop F of the Maine State Police is responsible for Aroostook County and the extreme northern sections of Somerset, Piscataquis and Penobscot counties.