With Memorial Day next week, lots of folks will be taking to Maine’s highways, traveling for the long holiday weekend. 


Maine State Police and other law enforcement agencies will be out in full for the next two weeks in the annual “Buckle Up – No Excuses” campaign that runs through June 2nd. They'll on the lookout for drivers and passengers not wearing their seat belts.

Colonel Robert Williams, Chief of the Maine State Police, said “Too many drivers and passengers are not wearing their seat belts, and half of the highway deaths this year in passenger vehicles were victims not buckled up.”  The Bureau of Highway Safety reports there have been 30 highway deaths in passenger vehicles and 15 of the victims were not wearing a seat belt.

A seat belt summons in Maine costs $70 for the first offense, $160 for the second, and $310 for the third violation.

I read somewhere recently “Cross your heart, not your fingers.” A more true statement couldn’t be spoken when it comes to wearing a seat belt. Let’s make this upcoming holiday weekend a safe one on Maine’s roadways!