Maine is considering a proposal to name a state dog. The forerunner is the Labrador Retriever. Plus, we have a can't miss video of a monkey and dog as best friends

The proposal is among many bills being considered during this legislative session. Senator David Dutremble, D-Biddeford is sponsoring the bill. WCSH quoted dog owner Stacy Giles who supports the bill and the Labrador Retriever selection:

I certainly don't blame people for thinking 'What do we need a state dog for?' Well, why don't we have one? We have all kinds of state symbols," said Gile. "We have the ones we all know about. We have the chickadee. We have the moose. We have the Maine coon cat. The cat gets their day, why can't the dog have theirs?"

Many states have state dogs. For now, until the vote is made, enjoy this video of a dog and monkey as best friends: