The Maine Department of Corrections released 'No Idle Hands' this week. It's a film that tells the story of the department's unique Wood Products program. Watch as the inmates talk about how much being able to work with wood and maintain employment has meant to them. Compelling and interesting.

If you've never been to the Prison Store in Thomaston, you should really stop by. The products created by the inmates are beautiful! As a kid, I had a small cedar box that I bought there and I always loved how smooth the wood was and how amazing it smelled. But, being a kid, it never occurred to me what a good feeling it must give the person who made it to be able to do something productive with their time in prison.

In 'Idle Hands,' the prisoners explain how important the program is to them. And how tough it is to get involved. As one man says, "This is a prison. They don't give sharp instruments to just anybody!"

The Wood Products Industry is unique, the only one of its kind in the nation. And it's been a part of the Maine Corrections Program since 1828. The film is about fifteen minutes long and worth the time to watch it. And if you've never been to the store in Thomaston, you should stop by. I want to go down, after watching this film, and find out how much that dollhouse is. It's beautiful!