As Jurassic World is a blockbuster, here in Maine and New Brunswick, we have an incredible history where dinosaurs roamed freely. Plus, check out the cool Raptor suits used in the film and a prank on Chris Pratt.

As we look at the prehistory of Maine and NB, check out this video of a Raptor suit used in the movies.

The Woolly Mammoth roamed Maine in prehistoric times - and we also have a history of marine animal fossils. New Brunswick's Bay of Fundy is rich with fossils and is protected to preserve it.

Adults and kids love the study of dinosaurs - one of the things that makes the movie such a major hit. Locally, families can go to the Maine Discovery Museum to learn more about our prehistory.

Here's a pretty funny prank with Chris Pratt, star of Jurassic World. You gotta love a good raptor scare.