If you're familiar at all with the annual 'Arootsakoostik Music Festival' that takes place at Thomas Park in New Sweden during the summer, then I'm sure you're a fan of Frank Hopkins. Frank is a mega-talented singer/songwriter/producer/engineer - the list goes on. Not only is he a genuinely good guy who gives of his time and expertise but he is a County native. Frank has lost his home and you can help.


Frank, his girlfriend Carla and their dog Turty, recently lost their home and a lot of gear in a fire and unfortunately it was not insured. Some friends have stepped up to help Frank and company get back on their feet. There will be a benefit performance on Saturday, February 15th at the 10th Mountain Lodge in Fort Kent. Follow this link to the event page on Facebook.

There will rare performances by Strange Pleasure, Dominic & The Lucid, Jacob Augustine, Travis Cyr and the man himself, Frank Hopkins. Vendors will be on site as will all the fun you can have in one place. Donations are encouraged. If you can't attend you can still donate at this link. This will no doubt be another example of County folk coming together to help one of their own.