A bill that would allow a blood test to determine whether a driver is impaired from marijuana use is heading to defeat. 

The Maine House voted unanimously yesterday to reject the bill, which set a blood level limit that would allow police to charge impaired motorists with operating under the influence.  The Maine Senate had voted 19-14 Wednesday to back the bill,

Supporters say the blood test is needed for public safety, but opponents say there is no scientific consensus on impairment based on blood levels of THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana.

The Maine bill sought to impose a 5 nanogram limit - the same as in Colorado and Washington, where recreational marijuana use is legal.

Legalize Maine/FB

A bid to legalize recreational use in Maine could appear before voters in November, pending a decision by a Superior Court judge on whether supporters submitted enough valid signatures to qualify for a ballot question.

Kennebec County Superior Court, which must rule on the issue within 40 days of Secretary of State Matt Dunlap’s March 2 announcement disqualifying the bid.  The Superior Court’s ruling could be appealed to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court, which would have 30 days to act on the Superior Court ruling.