It is now officially tick season in Maine, and with that, health officials say there is an increased risk for Lyme disease across the state.

According to the Maine Center for Disease Control, the state suffered a record high of nearly 1,1000 cases of tick related disease in 2012, with the likelihood of that record being squashed this summer when diseased ticks are the most prevalent.

Lyme disease is spread from infected deer ticks. Statistics show that all 16 counties in Maine have experience an overall increase in these culprits, with school-aged children and senior citizens being at the highest risk for contracting the disease.

The Maine CDC says that early symptoms of Lyme disease can include a “bull’s eye” shaped rash that usually appears within 30 days of being bitten. However, fever and muscle aches have also been documented.

While Lyme disease continues to be the most common tick-borne illness, the Maine CDC says that other less common infections like anaplasmosis and babesiosi have been reported within the past year in the state. Yet, no cases of those infections have been recorded in 2013.

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