Real life hardships often make for the best country songs, and this fact is exemplified on Maddie & Tae's new single "Sierra." Inspired by a real-life bully that wreaked havoc on Maddie Marlow in high school, bandmate Tae Dye urged Marlow to get closure by texting "Sierra."

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Marlow shares the text conversation with her former enemy.

"Hey Sierra. It's Maddie. I hope this text finds you well," she told her, "Just wanted to tell you myself that the song we wrote in high school is the next single. I know we've both grown a lot since then. I have no hard feelings and I hope you don't either. All the best."

As Marlow explains, Sierra texted her right back, adding that she now has a sense of peace after she reached out.

"Hey Maddie, no hard feelings at all. We've moved past that time and I understand it's your business. Congrats on your success and I truly hope your career continues to prosper with Tae. Thanks for the heads-up. XO."

For Marlow, her story has a happy ending, and she hopes that her experience helps others.

"I think it's awesome that even though she was someone that really made me feel like crap about myself, we have been able to mend that relationship," the singer says. "I hope that that story helps people understand that once you demand respect from someone, most of the time it happens. It's exciting to have the situation come out so positive."

Marlow told Taste of Country that the bullying got so bad, one of her friends transferred schools. She explains that she and "Sierra" (spelled differently) were friends in junior high and on the cheerleading team together, but for whatever reason, things changed once high school came along.

“We get to high school and she kind of turns into the Regina George where she thinks she’s the hottest thing and she’s the best,” Marlow explains. “I went home crying at least once a week because she was just so mean. I went home bawling, picked up my guitar and wrote that first verse.”

"Sierra" is Maddie & Tae's new single.

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