A Madawaska man won $100,000 from a Maine state lottery scratch ticket! Just the other day, Ronald Cyr won big! The store where he bought he ticket, Bob's Neighborhood Store, has a winning record. It sold a 1.3 million dollar winner years ago and a $3 million ticket in 2014!

Wow! Winning the lottery can be a life changer. Ronald "Cy" Cyr plans on budgeting his money, as he tells the Bangor Daily News (get the full story at BDN):

The government will get their chunk of it,” he said. “I retired in August 2012 and started to make a budget for myself, so I’m a little bit relieved that I’ll have some more money to put into that budget.”

Cy's ticket is one of several winners at Bob's Neighborhood Store. The winners in 1989 and 2014 won prizes in the millions!

Get your tickets now. The current Powerball jackpot is $350 Million!

There are a lot of theories on how to win at the lottery - especially scratch tickets. The overall key is you have to play to win.

These local winners are real, but people like to prank friends with fake lottery tickets. Check out this video where things go wrong!