National Volunteer Week is an opportunity to recognize and thank volunteers who lend their time and talents to causes they care about in their community, and especially our TAMC volunteers who bring so much to our staff and patients here at the hospital. Their stories can serve to inspire others to find ways to take action that create positive change. The week runs from April 15-April 21.

Below are some thoughts from Sherry Beaulieu, manager of TAMC Volunteer Services on how volunteering can have a positive impact on everyone, including the volunteer.

Volunteering makes an immeasurable difference in the lives of others, but it can also benefit your own health in so many ways.

Research has proven that through volunteer activities you are more likely to reduce stress levels and lower your risk for depression. It is one of the best ways to increase your social interaction as you meet new people. It also helps you learn new skills. You become more physically and mentally fit.

Aging studies have proven that those who volunteer actually live longer compared to those who do not.
Volunteering can help you gain a greater sense of purpose while boosting your self-confidence.   It is in our human nature to want to help and by helping others you truly can help yourself.

Be & Stay Healthy….Consider volunteering today.

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