Abby St. Peter came home from her last day at kindergarten at Limestone Community School and told her family she's on a mission to help her best friend who is a hemophiliac.

Abby's older sisters Annie and Alyssa have been at her side helping her along the way! - Heidi St. Peter

Abby will be selling lemonade outside her house over at 19 Leighton Ave, Limestone. She'll be hawking refreshments from noon till 6:00pm this Friday. On Saturday Abby and her best friend will be out front of Blvd Graphix all day during Limestone's City-Wide Yard Sale. All the proceeds will go to the Hemophilia Alliance of Maine.

Abby will also be volunteering her time at 'The Race at the Base Car Show' in Limestone on July 13. The race is sponsored by Blood brothers and Sisters, a non profit organization created by Abby's best friend's parents in an effort to bring families with bleeding disorders together across the country. Check them out on Facebook!

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