You've already heard several of Sara Haze's songs, and Carrie Underwood fans will get to know another very, very soon. October's #LetTheGirlsPlay artist is a fast-rising songwriter who's now getting recognized for her very personal performances. You'll be glad you met Sara Haze.

Haze sings her original song "Fire With Fire" in this kick off to a three-part look at her life and music. On Thursday, Haze will tell her story, from moving to Los Angeles at a young age to taking a chance on Nashville that she never really expected to work out. She certainly didn't expect quickly land cuts on albums from Rascal Flatts ("Riot") and more.

That's Ben Caver on stage with Haze. He's the rare male allowed on the Song Suffragettes' Monday night stage, but an exception was made for this talent. Haze says the song was inspired by a fire at her condominium in Nashville. She wasn't home, but followed emergency vehicles into her neighborhood, and then her parking lot, and eventually to her building. AJ Pruis and Matthew West helped her finish the love-gone-wrong.

“We kind of decided to make the start of the fire a lot more interesting,” she says, laughing. “I just loved all the visuals. They were just memories of this fire.” Thankfully no people or pets were hurt, but many of her neighbors lost everything.

"I'm fighting fire with fire / I'm a broken heart with a lighter / Looks like you finally met your match, met your match / You burned our love to the ground / What goes around, comes around / Looks like you finally met your match, met your match."

In addition to "Riot," Haze helped write Kelleigh Bannen's "Famous" and "Relapse," a song on Underwood's upcoming Storyteller album. Haze wouldn't say much about that song, wanting to let Underwood fans discover it for themselves. But she did cry "ugly tears" when she heard the superstar's finished version.

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