Following the death of his assistant, Michael Sacha, on Monday (April 25), Kid Rock has canceled his planned appearance at the 2016 Detroit Music Awards.

The Detroit Free Press reports that Rock was scheduled to accept a Distinguished Achievement Award from the Detroit Music Awards Foundation on Friday (April 29), but he will instead accept the honor at a future date -- "possibly during the 2017 ceremony or another event," according to a statement from the DMAF.

"We offer our condolences to the family of Mike Sacha and to Kid Rock and his organization at this terrible time. We certainly understand and agree that this is not the right time for a celebration," the DMAF Board says in a statement. "The Distinguished Achievement Award would only be a reminder of this week's tragedy rather than a commemoration of a significant career as an artist and humanitarian. We look forward to presenting the award some time in the future when it can be a positive, celebratory experience."

Sacha was killed in an ATV accident on Rock's Nashville property around midnight on Monday; the singer and a friend were the ones who found his body the following morning. In a statement on his website, Rocks says that he is “beyond devastated” by Sacha’s death, calling the man “a member of our family and one of the greatest young men I have ever had the pleasure to not only work with, but also to become friends with.”

The Free Press reports that services for Sacha, who was 30 at the time of his death, will be held sometime the week of May 1. In lieu of flowers, his family is asking that donations be made to Eastern Michigan University's baseball program.

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