Kelly Clarkson is adorable — and she has an amazing sense of humor. The singer hit the streets of Sydney, Australia with a local radio station to sing car karaoke, with hilarious results.

Clarkson is currently enjoying some time Down Under for a few shows, but she's also getting a little Australian culture while she's there. Part of that is socializing with the locals, which included a car trip on the streets of Sydney with Jackie O from KIIS 106.5 to sing a few radio tunes. It took Clarkson a little while to get warmed up for singing — she had to change the station to make sure it wasn't her own tune. When Beyonce's "Drunk in Love" came on, though, Clarkson was ready to belt out a few lyrics — though she didn't always understand them.

"It took me forever to figure out what 'surfboard' meant," she says with a big laugh. She repeats the lyrics to the song, "'Grindin' on that wood, surfboard, surfboard' ... I totally pictured a surfboard. I'm thinking Beyonce is pretty hot."

That was the first sign that Clarkson was warming up to the silly karaoke game. The next sign was when she was dared to sing to random people on the street. Of course, she opened her door and happily accomplished the dare. She then took on a challenge she'd previously turned down — singing one of her own songs. With the windows down, she sang the lyrics to "Since U Been Gone," and it was awesome.

Watch the full (adorable) video above.

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