Keith Urban may not have written “That Could Still Be Us” on his new album Ripcord, but with the way he performs it, you’d never know. The artist says he drew on personal experience to connect to the lyrics of the breakup ballad, and that the song resonated with him deeply when he heard it.

“I hadn’t heard that in a song quite so simplistically put — ’That Could Still Be Us.’ The fact that you can close your eyes and it still is— that inability to let go of something and imagining what could’ve been is just strong. I thought it was an incredible song,” Urban muses of the tune, written by Jason Duke, Jesse Lee and Jonathan Price.

Though he has been happily married to wife Nicole Kidman for 10 years, the artist says he remembers well what it was like to experience those feelings of a broken heart and the pain of dreaming about the lost future together.

“I think most people have that, and either it's fresh or it’s a long long time ago,” he explains to the Boot. "I know that place really well."

Fans don’t need to worry about his marriage, though. Urban says he doesn’t still live in that place — however convincing his delivery may be.

"I don’t have any missing or wishing or regretting of anything, but I remember that feeling really well, 'cause it’s really powerful,” he adds. Check out the full interview about the song above.

Urban released his ninth studio album May 6. He’s slated to launch his world tour with Maren Morris and Brett Eldredge on June 2, running through November.

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