You think Keith Urban is adorable now? Check out this video of him at 16 performing on the Australian talent show, 'New Faces.' Wow! Super-cute! But the funny thing is...he's not really that good!

Don't get me wrong, he wasn't bad, singing Air Supply's song 'All Out of Love.' But it wasn't as outstanding as you'd expect. As a matter of fact, one judge told him to keep practicing and maybe consider a career as a rock singer. He didn't think Urban had the chops to be a solo vocalist. I guess Keith showed him!

The whole things seems kind of ironic since Urban is now a judge on 'American Idol.' I wonder how he'd judge his own performance?

The part of this video that made me laugh was Keith saying that what he really wanted to do was be a radio DJ. Hey, Keith...we have a job for you anytime! Except, that would mean we wouldn't be able to listen to your amazing music. So...never mind!