Kara Addington recently joined the Wintergreen Arts Center staff as an administrative assistant. She also writes a blog called  “Resourcefully Yours” at the BDN blog network.

Wintergreen Arts Center

Kara grew up in Aroostook County and attended the Northern Maine Community College where she majored in business and accounting.  She currently lives in Mapleton with her husband, daughter, and their dog.

One of Kara’s talents is writing and sharing her knowledge with others.  On February 10, the Bangor Daily News introduced her new blog “Resourcefully Yours” to the BDN blog network.  At kaddington.bangordailynews.com, Kara shares stories and ideas to help people save money, live debt free and to recycle and repurpose unwanted items.

Kara brings the perfect blend of talents we need to help Wintergreen continue to thrive.

“Kara is an amazing addition to our Wintergreen staff,” said Dottie Hutchins, executive director.  “She uniquely combines a flare for orderliness with a streak of ingenuity; plus she is a master at living well on less.”

In addition to administrative duties, Kara will also be assisting with Wintergreen’s After School Arts Program.

This is what I’ve really been looking for,” said Kara, “My niche, a place I can be organized and creative!”


About Wintergreen Arts Center:  The Wintergreen Arts Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2006. It is located in downtown Presque Isle, Maine. Wintergreen is an organization based on the idea that creativity, activism, and community can produce great things. Our mission is to provide meaningful experiences that encourage an appreciation of the arts, stimulate creativity and innovation, and offer an artistic community space where all are welcome.