Time Magazine bestowed it's 'Person of the Year' award today to the Ebola Fighters, and Kaci Hickox is among their ranks. Hickox is well-known in the state of Maine as the healthcare worker who protested her 21-day quarantine after returning from treating Ebola patients in Sierra Leone.

Despite all the controversy surrounding her actions during the quarantine, you have to admire the work she did while overseas. All the people honored by 'Time' risked their own safety and even their lives to help others in need. Theirs was the first-line of defense against a deadly outbreak that had the potential to spread the dying far and wide.

Hickox is not featured on the cover, but her story is told in the article. Honestly, it's interesting reading and a chance to get the story beyond all the hype surrounding her stay in Maine. I encourage you to put aside your anger at her sometimes-controversial actions while at her home in Fort Kent and learn more about what these courageous people are doing to help the victims of Ebola.