This week's photographer is Brenda Ketch, a retired newspaper reporter and photographer from Stockholm, Maine. This robin is assessing food sources following the first snow of the season in Aroostook County.

Brenda Ketch

The American robin is actually a member of the Turdidae thrush family and is related to the eastern bluebird. It was named by English settlers who thought it closely resembled the European robin, though the American Turdus migratorius and European Erithacus rubecula species are not closely related.

Many robins migrate to the southern United States for the winter, but some overwinter in Maine. From late summer to spring breeding season, overwintering robins may form nomadic flocks that roost and feed together. With the decrease of available insects in fall and winter, overwintering robins feed on ripe fruits and berries in trees and shrubs.

Brenda took this photo on her property in November of 2014.

Each week, we bring you Maine and New Brunswick photographers from the Just Looking Around Facebook group. More of Brenda Ketch’s work can be found at Fine Art America here.