This week's Just Looking Around highlights a new program at New Brunswick Botanical Gardens in the Saint-Jacques area of Edmundston. Following approval of a National Research Grant application, the Gardens have taken in 50,000 bees. 

Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick staff are working on an educational project about the role of pollinators and ways to prevent hive collapse. And they've made the beehives into works of art.

New Brunswick Botanical Gardens/Jardin Botanique du Nouveau-Brunswick

The Carniolan and Italian breeds will likely be available to rent out as farmland pollinators. Two expert beekeepers are training employees on handling the bees so that the project can develop into a long term feature at the Gardens.

Ultimately, the bees may prove an income generator contributing to the upkeep and management costs of the park.

Thanks to Simone Levesque of the Just Looking Around Facebook group for showing us a wonderful photo.