Up-and-coming singer-songwriter Josh Ward Taylor is debuting his brand-new track “I’ve Gone Away” exclusively for readers of The Boot.

“I’ve Gone Away” is the second single from Taylor’s upcoming EP, Hummingbirds. The breezy, airy tune finds its country influence in a well-placed dose of steel guitar and Taylor’s soulful singing and picking, while hints of Bruce Springsteen combine with notes of Ryan Bingham to produce a light and folk-y alt-country aesthetic. Throughout, the song is steeped in quiet longing.

“I don’t know where you took my love / Maybe somewhere in the stars above,” sings Taylor. “But none of that much matters now / See, I’m still trapped here on the ground / You just said, 'I’ve gone away.'”

A Maryland native, Taylor grew up on Springsteen and Bob Dylan, influences that can be clearly heard in his own work, thanks to his parents' record collection. Since 2006, Taylor has been writing and independently releasing solo albums; his first, Live at Eddie’s Attic, was recorded at the legendary listening room in Atlanta, Ga. From there, Taylor moved to New York City and has released four more albums, including 2012’s Carolina Trees, his most recent effort.

No release date has yet been announced for Hummingbirds.

Listen to Josh Ward Taylor, "I've Gone Away":