Thanks to his recent single "Real Life," fans know that Jake Owen is a Waffle House-goer ... but is the country star more of an All-Star Special kind of guy, or does he go for the loaded hash browns?

"Lets just say this: I like a waffle with chocolate chips in it, bacon and sausage. I don't care if it is extra, I'll pay for it; I don't get there too often, its what I want," Owen tells The Boot. "I like my eggs scrambled, and not only do I like my eggs scrambled, I like a side of grits. Not only do I like a side of grits, I like raisin toast -- you better put butter on it."

That's a lot of food, but we're not judging. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, after all.

Following the release of "Real Life" in May of 2015, Owen actually treated fans to lunch at a Nashville-area Waffle House, on the country star himself. According to Broadway’s Electric Barnyard, the bill for the gathering came to $900, and Owen left a $200 tip (that's just over 22 percent, so good on Owen!).

Owen most recently released his upcoming album's second single, "American Country Love Song," and he admits that "Real Life" is no longer a part of the project.

“[“American Country Love Song”] fit more in line with the kind of songs I’ve released before. “Real Life” was a bit of an outside-the-box kind of stretch; a lot of people even said that, and it was intentional, but I noticed I didn’t get the [same] reception for that song,” Owen explains. “… So I kind of wanted to get back to what everybody was kind of expecting from me.”

Still, Owen is welcome to meet us for breakfast at Waffle House anytime!

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