Do you find yourself straining at a stop sign because the snow is piled so high you can’t see if cars are coming? Are you slipping on sheets of ice everywhere? Kicking the wheel well slush from your car? Here's '5 Ways You Know It's Winter in Maine.'

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    Snowbank vs Intersection:

    Craning your neck to see around the mountain of snow at a stop sign is a problem we all face in the County. When you’re half way out in the road to see if traffic is coming, you know it’s a Maine Winter. The picture below was taken on 3rd & State Street in Presque Isle.

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    Wheel Well Slush

    You got to keep kicking the slush off around your tires. It makes a noise when you drive if it gets too packed. Sometimes it’s so frozen, you can’t kick it off… And when you do get it off, that big ice rock in your driveway makes a ‘thump’ if you hit it. We won’t miss that in April. Pictured is Dick Palm's rear wheel slush at Townsquare Media, Presque Isle.

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    Sheets of Ice

    Slip sliding away on the sheets of ice in your driveway, parking lot and everywhere you go. The "ballet" that happens when you try to get across the frozen tundra is a sight to behold. Every year, we make the treacherous trek, but sometimes we don’t make it. This photo is right outside the back entrance to the radio station in Presque Isle.

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    The Snow Covered Vehicle

    It’s everywhere in Presque Isle & Northern Maine. If you go on Academy Street near 3rd, you’ll see a truck in a front yard, completely buried in snow. It’s too hard to get it out now, so you wait for a nice stretch of weather. In the parking lot at Townsquare Media, there's an ATV so covered, we won't see it 'til Spring. Images like the one below are all over the County - with the windshield wipers up too.

    Yana Paskova/Getty Images
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    Clean Off The Roof

    This is not an easy job – but you don’t want the roof to cave in. It requires getting up in the danger zone. You see people from Houlton to Caribou and beyond risking it all. This is something we definitely won’t miss when winter in Maine turns to Spring. The picture below is our view from the radio station: Snowblowing the roof at The Historic Presque Isle Fire Station, Maine Street.

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