Is that the case for you? Do you feel like we live in the 'epicenter of anxiety?' What are the factors involved in the analysis? We have all the info here.

The New York Times article is intriguing because you don't think of Presque Isle as a stressful place. The study says part of the reason is education and money.

The Bangor Daily News helps break it down:

It's all based on Google searches for the term anxiety. People in rural areas with less job opportunities and potentially lower incomes are more anxious and go online looking for answers.

The Portland press Herald's article says Maine's overall anxiety level is 21 percent higher than the nation and 20 percent of Presque Isle residents live in poverty - with a 16 percent unemployment rate:

For the most part, it really comes done to education and economic security.

Take a look at the research and conclusions and let us know what you think. Comment at the bottom of the page.